Guess who’s back!

Everyone, Hea has returned!

I was giving myself a bit of time to adjust to school and relax at the end of the holidays, but I missed writing this too much and right now have the silliest, most massive grin on my face.

so, although I have so much to tell you, I’ll start with a poem.

I was asked to write about my identity. We looked at still I rise by Maya Angelou, and based our off it and, I don’t know, I guess I felt like a bit of sass.

I’m so happy to be back, back and here to stay : )

so here goes

A Damn Loud Scream


Look me in my eyes I dare you, stare right into them deep-

Memorize the shadow as my lashes brush my cheek,

Notice golden specs magnetized in to the black,

If you do look hard enough you may just see the cracks,

But if you want, sweep them under the rug, keep me nice and neat,

Since girls should be seen not heard- remain all good and sweet.


Hear me sigh, and hear me moan,

In complaint- not alone

Not wondering what my fingers do in the dark,

Not wondering how to worm into my heart

Because when sigh and moan are on a page

Then sex somehow becomes my middle name

Because girls should be seen not heard,

Pass the day without a word

Quiet, shush dear, not too much noise,

Because, despite all these rules- boys will still be boys


so look at my lips as they part to let out a long held breath,

watch me put on lip balm and sigh a lil’ bit,

as I concentrate on the words which flow out of my pen,

see me bite inside my cheek, and see me there and then

and focus on the words that are written and I can say this, yet

you’ll keep choosing what you see. Okay let’s make a bet


let me raise an eyebrow and

don’t expect a raising hand

let my brow furrow in confusion, don’t

ask me why because we both know I won’t

sit in silence, suffering all the while

I wouldn’t cover with a smile-

If I need a hand, I’ll let you know,

And if I don’t then let it go.


Have you memorized the crinkles at the corner of my mouth when I grin?

Could you recite the poem my heart speaks, off all the guilt and sin?

Live inside my size five shoes and recollect my walk

Have you learned the vocab list of tones I make when I talk?

Quick now, write it down, I’m teaching you, you know?

And though we haven’t gone through it yet I must assume you know-


Oh dear I’m sorry, what a foolish silly thing of me to do, accept my apology,

‘Cause you best believe, this ‘seen not heard’ will make a damn loud scream

P.S. this is my 50th post on this website! isn’t that crazy!

love, Hea xx