don’t just look- see

“What do you see?,” I ask him, my eyes transfixed on the swirling mass of white fluff dappling the too blue, true blue, sky,

Spiralling, it begins as a dolphin, swimming in the sea of the sky, the above above our world, and turns into

A mermaid singing songs to the sailors ships, siren-like in her appeal and song, her powers of persuasion but changes into

A bird. Right at home among his own, soaring above cities, swooping and flying and riding the breeze like a wave, and for him, just living and now becoming

A girl. A sweet little girl. A sweet kind innocent little girl, unexposed to the big bad world, so simply being, laughing, singing- simply simple, but she grows up into

A bottle. What of? If only she’d know. Something bad for your health, your liver, and even worse for your judgement, something pouring into the blue, flooding it,

And the man beside me peels his eyes from his LED lights,

Glances impassively at the sky,

Glances impassively at me and says,

‘A cloud’-

And falls back into the world of a phone,

While forgetting his own.

Love, Hea xx

See what you have

So, this is a little different. in English today we’re reading poems by children in Syria, and  they are heart breaking. These people without mums or dads or food and yet through it all they do the most simple, yet beautiful thing

They live.

so we were told to write our poems in response, and this is what I wrote.

Open your eyes, look around,

See the world in which you live

So many people who love you

So much love for you to give

So much opportunity and chance

Which others can only hope for

And yet can you go a day without complaining

About all the things you long for?

See the wealth of love and life

See the health which you have

See the laughs which surrounds you

See the the life that you have had

Will it ever be enough?

Will you ever find that bliss?

Will you ever wake up and see

That your bliss is simply this,

Live which you lead,

This dream that you live?

Instead of through the rubble

Constantly sieve-

Ing because you need to find fault

You need to complain

But answer me this,

What does your negativity gain?

People will always complain. It’s okay to. But it’s good for us so every once in a while, breathe in and look around. See all that we actually have,

and that might just make the world a bit of a better place.

So, a little shoutout to the people that support me and my writing. My family, mum and dad, my friends, my English teacher, my aunt: so many people who read what I write and it means so much to me,

thank you for all that you all do,

love, Hea xx