Vietnam- day one that actually counts as a day

So, me and ma are only in Ho Chi Minh city for today, only one day, and boy, did we make the most of it. 

Waking up early (well, not really early as such, but for a generic teen like myself- early) we began with a very quaint but European (ironically) style café and coffee. Deciding to be girls on tour, we begin to walk towards a famous market and were confronted with something I could only dream of. The most beautiful and eclectic and raw scents, the most smiley and friendly and 

Happy people. Happy being the optimum word. I think Vietnam is rated eighth in the happiest countries in the world, and being here I can see why. Kids playing Badminton and shapes by the sides of the road, giggling to each other, honestly, genuinely smiling, friends sitting around tables and chairs we would deem fit for four year olds, and laughing in a way that made me want to join, people that just smiled at you on the street-

You could feel the life of this place. The life and soul, the animation and the heart beating hard,

And it wasn’t just about the fact that a full meal can cost as little as five pounds, or that there wasn’t a second that passed without the blare of a horn,

It was the fact that there was so much less corruption of phones and money and facebook and instagram and twitter and snapchat and

Stop. They stopped. They mainly couldn’t afford iPhones or androids, just flip phones used for, you know, phoning people

And this isn’t even a rant about technology, so, anyways,

We went on to a ‘golden dragon water puppet show’ which was… an… experience? I’m fairly sure it was a cult but apparently there was a plot and it was extremely well done and, um, memorable, let’s go with memorable,

And we returned to a moped tour of the city.

And I can not imagine that being something I’ll ever forget. 

The feel of wind on my face, in my hair, while the group flew out beneath me like a carpet being pulled, the lights that flashed to the left and the right and the front and the back

And the fluidity of the movement of the traffic, the gentle hum of the street all around, the view of the city as it passed

It felt more like home than a vacation.

We tried local food, saw the view of the city from a skybar (photo attached) and we had a day that I think I’ll genuinely treasure for a long time,

So first actual experience of Asia? 

Breath taking

Love, Hea xxa