Recommendations with Hea

What’s this page? It’s my weekly recommendations of my top three books, films (all on Netflix or Amazon Prime), songs, Netflix shows and quotes. I’ll update every Sunday night.

I’m not trying to, as my friend says, ‘inflict my opinions’ on you. But if you’re reading this then I must be doing something right, and well, I always think that it’s good for anyone who wants, firstly an insight to my mind and secondly something to watch or read or discover something new.


  • The Fault in our stars- John Green: if you don’t mind some cheesy and only mildly nauseating fated romance, then you will just fall into Hazel’s life
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone- Laini Taylor: a sophisticated portrayal of another world on our now and a girl trying to navigate, but not your classic sci-fi
  • I have no secrets- Penny Joelson: a fascinating story from the point of view of a girl unable to speak or even communicate in the slightest, while knowing the biggest secret that there is to know.


  • The kissing booth- I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about it by now, but this well done film about a girl choosing between brotherly or romantic love is worth a watch
  • The Rocky Horror show- (15 and over) a cult comedy horror (yes that actually does somehow make sense if you watch it) which was released in a time where people weren’t even allowed to be gay- well it was controversial to say the least.
  • Love, Rosie- someone who dabbles in some scandal ends up a teen pregnant single mother, can she reconnect with the boy she used to know?


  • Yellow- Coldplay
  • Belly (the grass stains)- Rex Orange County
  • I don’t want to leave- Matthew Perryman Jones

Netflix shows-

  • Brooklyn 99- a guaranteed laugh per episode of this comedy of a precinct of New York- you can’t not love it
  • The Good Place- when a mistake is made in the afterlife and someone who’s less than a do-gooder on earth ends up in heaven, well it’s worth a watch
  • Alexia and Katie- when Alexia’s Leukemia gets bad, Katie shaves off her hair in solidarity, the kind of friendship we all love.


  • Everyone cares in the abstract- Me
  • Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself- Rupi Kaur
  • individually, we are a drop, but together, we are an ocean- Ryunosuke Satoro

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