What is this blog?

as a first blog i’m sure i should make this about me. tell anyone who happened to stumble on this about who i am. but who am i without the people i love? who are any of us without the people who have shaped us and changed us? so i’ll tell you a short version of my life so far, but not about me. i was born 14 years ago from a mother who has done nothing but tried to do the best for me and a father who has worked so hard for me to be here today. i met my incredibly dopey but obscenely kind and funny brother and my ridiculously smart and strong sister. sadly my amazing parents did break up, but from it i got a kind hearted and passionate step mother and two incredible step brothers who i love with my whole heart. things have gone wrong and things have gone right and down the road i’ve met so many people who have changed me and i don’t care whether they changed me for better or for worse: the fact is i’m different. and i’m at a point where i’m trying my hardest to be thankful for the people who have hurt me because they made me who i am today. and here’s the thing with that mindset: it’s hard. it’s hard to feel thankful for the things that hurt you. it’s hard to look on the bright side. it’s so incredibly hard to see the positive when it feels like you’re drowning in negative: but sometimes you just need to try.

of the people i’ve met, there are some who have been such blessings in my life. supported and loved me, cared and stood by me and above all: they have loved me and shown that they loved me. i’ve made plenty of mistakes but the people who love me see past that and i can never thank them enough for that.

what is this blog? well it’s me. it’s me being open and honest and venerable in a way that terrifies me. it’s me letting the world in, me reaching out to the world. i just hope the world reaches back.