Growing up…

It was so simple when our biggest problems were who to be partners with in PE and our ‘rebelling’ was who could say a rude word louder in class and not get caught. Wasn’t it easy when you go to matron with a headache and you just got given paracetamol?

Now, we have exams and boys and girls and friends and losing them to worry about. Our problems range from being late to class and getting signed in for it, to losing all sight of ourselves and who we should be and want to be because we want so badly to be liked or even just known. Rebelling is doing shots of vodka though it burns like hell and smoking even though you hate the taste it leaves in your mouth. Now if you go to matron with a headache you get grilled on your mental health and your exercise and

Could I not just have a headache?

Growing up is fun. Being a teenager is one of the best feelings because everything you feel you feel so intensely that it consumes you. When you’re happy it’s like the air is lighter and everything feels like it flows,

But all the feelings like anger, jealousy, pain, hurt, heartbreak and anything in between

It stings. Like a bitch.

Don’t weigh everything on this one time in your life. The things you feel so intensely will hardly be memories in years to come. Don’t lose lifelong friends over relationships and most of all,

Just do whatever makes the air lighter.

Love, Hea xxx

Author: hopingeverafter

i’m a 15 year old girl who loves nothing more than putting a pen to paper. there's something beautiful about manipulating the English language to provoke an emotion, and it's what I love to do. if you have anything to say about my blog then I'd love you to.

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