Stressing about stressing?

So this week I have exams and, well, I call them exams when in reality they’re just time fillers for our exam hall- they aren’t the most relevant of things. Anyways, plenty of my friends go into each exam with genuine horror painted across their features and either finish with their wrinkles smooth 

Or they just look confused.

And the thing is, I know what it is to stress. Trust me, I do. Not getting into it but by God do I get it,

But the thing is worry doesn’t change a situation.

Thinking ‘what if’ doesn’t effect reality.

Losing sleep about being tired isn’t refreshing

Biting your nails about breaking a habit is hardly effective

And stressing about stressing is like slapping yourself in the face and being surprised by the sting.

but I stress about everything. About what I’ve said, about how it came out, about what he or she is thinking of me about how my lesson will go, about how my hair looks from the back, about whether my struggling friend will be ok, about whether my family will, every phone call I get I’m expecting bad news and

Dear lord, it’s exhausting.

I overthink about overthinking and

It’s just draining.

I’m trying to train myself by the mantra ‘que sera sera’ which is French for ‘what will be, will be. If someone’s formed their opinion and it’s negative then they’re not worth my time changing it. Once somethings left my mouth or I’ve sent the text, the fact is it’s done and stressing about it won’t change that. 

Self care isn’t all glamorous, baths and face masks and candles.

It can be letting yourself get so worked up your just need a hug

But you gotta remember

These thoughts? The ones that stop you from sleeping? They’re just thoughts.

Thoughts in no way reflect reality.

Please don’t forget that

Love, Hea xxx

Author: hopingeverafter

i’m a 15 year old girl who loves nothing more than putting a pen to paper. there's something beautiful about manipulating the English language to provoke an emotion, and it's what I love to do. if you have anything to say about my blog then I'd love you to.

One thought on “Stressing about stressing?”

  1. You are such a great observer of all things Human, my Lala. I am always so impressed by you ‘understanding’ it will get you a long way xxx


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