Some sunsets set a scene

So, during the day we didn’t do much. Lay around the boat, I finished a few books, took a course on napkin folding- because why not- and at about five thirty we ventured off of the boat for another temple visit, this time up over 200 steps and so we could see the sunset- and by god was it gorgeous.

Pink flooding the sky, purple rays trying to burst out from behind white fluffy clouds, later with orange melting into the colour scheme and giving it a freshness which reflects inot the river running through the city below is, full of life and noise and a soul, running through the city like the series of connected streets, confusing to us all but so simple when your while life is down those cobblestones and the field on field on field of rice being grown on green and brown ground, put together like a geometric design of a coffee shop floor.

And standing up there, watching the sunset spiral and the clouds collide with a temple at my back and my mother at my side,

Well is there a word for a feeling deeper than peace? Deeper than contentment or freedom? More than spiritual or powerful or unforgettable? I think I know it-

love. I just felt love for this world we’re on and what I have, my friends and family and my life, while hardly perfect, I just felt so much love for it all.

This one’s short because I think I’ve said all there is to say. But todays homework is easy-

Message someone telling them you love them.

Love, Hea xx

Author: hopingeverafter

i’m a 15 year old girl who loves nothing more than putting a pen to paper. there's something beautiful about manipulating the English language to provoke an emotion, and it's what I love to do. if you have anything to say about my blog then I'd love you to.

2 thoughts on “Some sunsets set a scene”

  1. Such beautiful description, I felt I was there. It sounds very profound moment. So glad you feel that deep, many don’t. Longing to hear more xxx


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