Enough is enough of enough

*disclaimer* if this seems formal, I’m doing exams, they’re not big ones but I’m in the well written and formal mind-set so…

I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. i’m not pretty enough. I’m not fit enough. i’m not thin enough. I’m not funny enough. i’m not hard working enough.

i’m just not enough.

Now, if I were to say this to almost anyone, they would deny it snd say, ‘of course you’re amazing just the way you are’ or some other bruno mars lyric, just dismissing the fact that maybe this is something I’m actually insecure about.

So there are two points for this blog. Firstly, when will it be enough? And secondly, it’s okay to have insecurities.

I’m not thin enough. Something I hear all too much in the halls of a girls boarding house, almost a mantra we all live by. But when will thin become too thin become dangerous or even life threatening? When will you then be ‘enough’? When you’re happy with how you look? Well go look in the mirror, try your best to be happy and realise-

Enough is just where and when you say it is.

When you’re eating, sometimes you may not be full but you’ve had enough, enough. You don’t want food anymore. Well maybe when you are enough, is when you don’t want for anything more other than who you are,

And if you get there, feel free to let the rest of us know how.

It’s okay to be insecure. Your hair or eyes or stomach or nose or teeth or whatever is may be, it’s okay. people will always see you better than you see yourself, so many people seem to only see the negatives in themselves when there can be so many positives, as someone takes a look at themselves their immediate reaction is, I have a spot there, my skin’s weird, my nose looks huge, and on and on and on,

And it’s okay to be insecure. It really really is. Everyone is, it’s human nature. So, that thing your insecure about, that thing you’re most insecure about, take a breath, accept you don’t like it, and look at it from someone else’s point of view. And I get that’s not going to magically make you love yourself and how you look,

But sometimes it’s good to remember that just because you see your flaws, doesn’t mean everyone else does. 

And I’m here preaching to you all about insecurities and not feeling enough when I’m drowning in it, the same as most of us are. But I think I’m trying, at the moment, to maybe think that I may see myself differently to how others see me,

And even that is making a difference,

So conclusion? Maybe there is no ‘enough’, maybe people don’t see you how you see yourself,

And ultimately it’s up to you to change that,

Love, Hea xx

Author: hopingeverafter

i’m a 15 year old girl who loves nothing more than putting a pen to paper. there's something beautiful about manipulating the English language to provoke an emotion, and it's what I love to do. if you have anything to say about my blog then I'd love you to.

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